Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back after a LOOOOONG hiatus

It's been - oh like - 8 months since I've written here.

But I've been having that antsy feeling again.

You know - that feeling of really needing to blow off steam and vent and share and pontificate and just BE.

And not in the "let's put this in my Facebook status" kind of way.

So, I am back and will re-dedicate myself to writing in this blog.


For the same reasons I started.
To chronicle my kids' goings-on and funny stories - who were 3 when I started. And who are now 5 and going on Kindergarten in the fall. And who are growing up so damn fast.

And also, to provide an outlet to share thoughts around what-evs.
Social etiquette.
Keeping up a social life in suburbia - a social life that now consists of kids' birthday parties, soccer games, bunco and book club with the neighborhood ladies. and, the occasional GNO and weekends away in Vegas.
Being a wife.
Managing a career. Or a job.
Balancing on a tight rope.
Fashion do's and don'ts for the late 30's/40's set (which seems to be a popular topic these days with my fellow momma girlfriends here in suburbia).

And even if no one else reads this but me, who gives a sh&t?! It's for me and my kids. And maybe, for my friends and whomever will want to read and listen and participate.

'Cause I have a lot to say, dammit. ;-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life lessons from Mr. President

The kids watched President Obama's speech today in class with their teacher. This, after the inane hubbub about whether the President was overstepping his bounds by orating to our children about the importance of responsibility in education. (PSHAW! Shame on him!) And yes, I was floored when they sent out permission slips to the parents to opt-out of having your kids not watch the speech and instead, do some alternate activity during the 20 minute duration of the speech.

When I asked Hannah and Luke about President Obama's speech this morning (what they thought of it and what they learned) they both proudly exclaimed, "We learned about how important it us for us to take responsibility for our education. Not exaggerating the quote. From my 4 3/4 year olds.

OK, how can you NOT LOVE that 4 year olds were able to take away that message from Obama today? There's certainly nothing partisan about some classic messages:

Stay in school.
Work hard.
Dream big.
Achieve your goals.
And, OWN it. Your education, your future.

Love it. Love it.

I will play this speech for them every year before they start school in the fall. I swear.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

my, how fast they grow

today was the first day of school for hannah and luke.  yep - the school district elementary school.  the whole dang reason we moved here to this wonderful neighborhood.  they enrolled in a 2-year kindergarten program offered by the district called PEPP.  The PEPP program is for younger kindergartners...and our kids couldn't be any younger for kinder - they were born on the california state cut-off date -- december 2nd.

and of course, like many moms, i cried.   not in front of them. but as i walked back to the car.  on my ride into work.  and throughout the day.  i teared in spurts.  and this isn't even kinder-kinder yet.  just the first year of kinder.

maybe i'm nostalgic because we know we're not planning on having any more children and that these events and memories won't be relived again with another child.  we're doing it all at once with both of our twins as they move through the milestones - kind of like a big bucket of water poured on you vs. a steady shower.

and this is just one of many more milestones to come.

my babies are growing up.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A working mom's best friend after a loooong week

BS & T

Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic.

Thank God for my darling bartender.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's only the beginning

The other day I was lecturing Luke on some random thing that I can't even remember what it was. 

Well, I was shocked and surprised when he retaliated and expressed his anger saying something that I was totally not expecting to hear.

He called me an idiot.

Yes, an idiot.

Of course, my jaw dropped.

He obviously heard that from someone in preschool, and NOT in our house.  Because the house rule is that (especially for Dave and I) we NEVER say such words to each other (or in general) in the house...words like "stupid"..."dumb"..."idiot"...

But of course, here's Luke dropping "idiot" like it's the word "mommy" or "water".


Needless to say, I lectured him (nicely, of course) about the word idiot and told him that it hurt my feelings to hear him say that to me.

And he knew that it was not a nice thing to say as soon as the word left his mouth and he saw my reaction. 

I later told Dave what he called me and he laughed. 

Indeed, we can't shelter them from these things.  And I know it will only get worse as they start school and get surrounded by kids whose parents utter these words in front of them and have habits that would make me faint. 

But, I need to just trust in our parenting.  And trust that I - we -  are raising them in a way that they will have good judgment to do and say what's right and good when confronted by not-so-pleasant things, words, whatevah...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SoCal moment #154

I ran into a friend (mostly casual acquaintance) who I hadn't seen in a while the other day.

And as I reached out to give her a greeting and a hug, she pulled away (not in a hostile way) pointed to her boobs and said, "Careful.  I just had these done."

I couldn't figure out if she really was tender and sensitive in her boob area, or if she was merely calling attention to her 2 new BFFs.

Probably a little of both.

(I don't know why, but I am just so amused by that story.  I really shouldn't be because this is so damn typical behavior of the - ahem, ahem -  age/income demographic where I live  - the aspiring MILF, almost-bordering-on-cougar, Wisteria Lane-types who live in my bubble of Southern California suburbia...but then again, I only live in THE ultimate cosmetic and collagen-n-botox-injection-happy capital of the world...yes, counting LA of course.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Facebook usernames...wha?

I don't get all of the kerfuffle about the Facebook username feature launch the other day.

Don't get me wrong, I got one approximately an hour after they made the username functionality available on 6/12/09...just to avoid someone "name squatting" me.

But, I still don't get it.  

Is this so I can send a URL to friends and family that's easy to remember?   But, can't they just find me on FB by searching through their friends?

And if friends and family are not already on FB connected to me, I don't want anyone else, anywhere else on the web finding me and seeing what I have to say.  Uh...huh?

Thankfully my FB profile is still all behind registration, and still retains my desired privacy settings.  (I know, I am a FB dork)

Point, please?

Friday, June 12, 2009


Back in January when I was setting my goals for the year, I wrote this post where one of my goals was to earnestly get back in shape after 4 years of making excuses (my main excuse being the fact that I carried almost 12 pounds of baby matter & birthed our twinsies - DUH).

Little did I know that my "experiment" to find something other than running (due to my tweaked hip from running/training for 2 halfs poorly,  I might add, last year) would turn into a new, surprisingly wonderful, potentially life-changing new

And not just any yoga.

Hot yoga. 

Sweltering hot, sticky, dripping, so-sweaty-I'm-uncomfortable-because-I'm-paranoid-I'm starting-to-stink-and-sweat-like-a-pig yoga.  

And it's the sauna-like heat and movement that makes you sweat like you would not believe, coming from places on your body you didn't know were even capable of breaking sweat (my ears, my forearms are good examples).

Add to this that everyone around you is breaking a mad sweat too.

This yoga is not totally of the bikram variety.
It is  the hot, vinyasa flow, ashtanga-type yoga with constant active postures.  One might call it the more athletic type of yoga vs. traditional hatha (restorative) yoga.

And now, I'm totally, completely hooked.  In fact, it's become so much a part of my life and routine that I don't quite think I can go without it without seriously getting cranky.   

It has not only kept me in shape and has not only restored me to my pre-baby, pre-wedding body in 5 months (size 26 jeans - WOOT!), but has kept me from going insane.  I also think yoga has even made me a more pleasant person to be around - for my family, friends and work colleagues alike. 

Effin' amazing.  There really is something to this yoga and mediation stuff.  I'm a believer and am a yogini for life, I just know it.

And, as an added benefit, my kids have become so aware of my yoga obsession that they are starting to get into it, too.

Hopefully this is how good habits get started.

Hannah and her version of Tree pose.

Namaste (holding my palms together to my third eye center, bowing my head to the ground).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still staving off the temptation

It's been about a year since I've started blogging about my life, our life. And so, I recently took a quick down memory lane and looked at what I was consumed with (and blogging about) this time last June '08.

And, funny enough (and not surprisingly), it seems to be the same stuff that consumes me this year:




Balancing priorities.

My girlfriends and ME-time

And of course, my latest fashion and product obsessions.

As for the last topic, I chuckled to myself when I read this post from last year about my-then (and continuing) fetish with handbags, especially designer ones.

When I read my list of consumables from that post, I've checked off nearly all the ones off the top of the list except that I still have not given into the temptation of the Pelham (which by the way, is now $1395 vs. the $1330 from 2008 prices).

The same main reason for not giving in apply this year: GUILT.

I simply cannot bring myself to spend the money on something that costs as much as 2/3 of a month's worth of preschool tuition (even though preschool is DONE for us in another week - YAH!) for something that only I can enjoy and get satisfaction from. My kids won't care that this thing is hanging off of my shoulder like I would. For all they know, it's just another sack where they can throw their water bottles and snacks when we're out and about around town. But, it just doesn't seem fair that only I would enjoy it, especially for that price tag.

Never mind that my husband didn't think twice when he dropped more than double the Pelham's price tag for that new triathlon bicycle. ugggggh.

But then again (as some friends tell me), maybe....maybe it's ok and sometimes I need to just give in. Because sometimes, we moms, we just gotta treat ourselves - no matter how impractical.

I think about the purse now and again as I pass Fashion Valley mall and consider perusing the Gucci store, but I KNOW that I will give in if I set foot in that place.

For now, I will continue to stave off the temptation and spend our dollars on other worthwhile, family-enriching things like Disney passes, Spanish and foreign language classes for the kids, or a short vacation weekend away...whatever else other stuff we can enjoy together.

And I'm sure that this time next year, I'll be writing another post about the damn purse and complaining how I continue to take one for the team.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I Read to Myself

Having inquisitive and curious 4 year olds often forces me to think about behaviors and natural tendencies I have that I take for granted every day. That's just what I do, and of course, I don't think twice about it...until I get interrogated. And it seems like every day lately, I get a new question from one of my little guys on why I do something or say something the way I do.

The Scene:
H is lying with me in bed, while she "reads" her Dr. Suess book and I am reading my book club book. (Mind you, I just recently started reading for-fun novels again after a long hiatus. For a long time my mind and attention span could not take more than the occasional Economist, Time, InStyle, US Magazine and NYTimes Sunday edition. Who has time?!)

H: Mommy...

Me: Umm-hmmm, sweetie (engrossed in my book).

H: Why are you so quiet?

Me: I'm reading, honey.

H: I KNOW, Mommy.

Me: Ummm-hmmmm.

H: But why aren't you reading out loud?

Me: (finally understanding where she's going with this) Oh, you're wondering why I'm not reading out loud like I do with you guys?

H: Yes, Mommy.

Me: Well, most of the time I read quietly to myself so that I don't bother other people if they don't like the story I'm reading. Also, it makes me read faster when I read quietly, so I can get through big books like this one (as I flip through the pages of my 300-page novel). That's what a lot of grown-ups do, unless they are your teacher.

H: Oh.

Me: And when you learn how to read, you will likely read out loud for a while but over time, you will learn to read quietly to yourself.

H: I don't think I'll ever want to read quietly. But, I will want to read fast. But why does your book not have pictures like mine?

Me: Well, there are a lot of books with just words. Not having pictures allows me to use my imagination so I can see pictures in my head as I'm reading the story, which is a lot more fun.


H: Oh, ok. That does sound like it would be more fun. But, I guess I need to learn how to read first before I can read quietly and read fast. And then I can make up pictures in my head like you do, right mommy?